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Ron Harris was born in 1956. Ron Harris had been mainly famous for cheating the Gaming Control Board of Nevada. He had used his immense knowledge to rig the slot machines of the state's casinos. He worked as a technician and a computer programmer with the board and used his knowledge for fraudulent purposes over the years.

Ron had been responsible for finding out the flaws of the software on which the casino games had run in the 1990s. He had been responsible for protecting the slot machines of the casinos from cheaters who used programming and other gadgets to manipulate the security codes of the slot machines.

Due to the vast amount of knowledge that he possessed about how the slot machines in the casinos worked, he decided to use it for his benefit by slot cheating and making as much money as possible. He had worked on the American Coin Computer case very hard without any results. Moreover, a programmer who was working on the case and had been working with the FBI had been shot in the meanwhile that scared Ron Harris a little bit.

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However, he decided start his own business by making use of his expertise and his knowledge of the codes. He decided to modify the slot machines in an illegal manner so that he could win large amounts of money when a specific number of coin was inserted in the slot machine. He joined hands with John O'Connor and along with him for two years he managed to make large sums of money from the casinos in Las Vegas which was known to be one of the biggest and the most undetectable scams in the history of Vegas casinos.

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Later he shifted his attention to Keno. He had developed a program with which he was able to know which numbers would be selected by the machines. In 1995, he went to the Atlantic City along with another accomplice where he was successfully able to know the winning number in advance in a Keno game. He gave the number to his accomplice who accordingly bought a ticket and won a whooping jackpot of $100,000.

However, even though at the time it seemed to them that the scam had been undetectable, there was one small error because of which it fell apart for them. When his accomplice tried to cash in his jackpot ticket, he was unable to provide his identification which had been needed to get the cash. The officials of the casino became suspicious and notified the authorities and investigators of the state. The investigators found the equipment from the hotel room and Harris had been later arrested for casino cheating in Las Vegas and spent two years in jail.

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