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Cheating in casinos and in card games exists since probably the first casino appeared. Players use various different methods and tricks so that they have an advantage over the other players. There are several different methods of cheating at card games, and most of them don`t require any special skills or training for the players.

Methods like card marking do not require skills since anyone can mark them and then read them later for their benefit. However, there are certain methods of casino cheating which require a kind of expertise or skill. These methods of cheating are known as skilled cheating methods and are often used by famous casino cheaters .

"Hand muck"

One method of skilled cheating is "hand muck". In this method, the players switch the hand they play with the ones which they hid somewhere. Dealing with a quite difficult method, players cheat by the bottom card, second card, middle card etc. The idea is that the players are able to find the cards that they require and place them discreetly in the middle, top or the bottom of the deck or anywhere where they want. Later, they deal these cards to themselves so that their hand is completed. This is often done in a group and the selected cards might be dealt to a confederate.

Mechanic's grip

Even dealers at casinos often can be a part of the whole racket. When a dealer holds the deck with his index finger in front of the deck, it can be a sign of false dealing and is often known as mechanic's grip. By holding cards this way the dealer would have better control of the deck and it also provides him cover.

In many cases the player who is cheating might not win more money even if he deals himself a strong hand if the other players have very weak hands. In such cases he may purposely deal another player a strong hand and deal himself a stronger hand for winning as much as possible.

Cold deck

Another very well known cheating method is known as the cold deck. It is named so because the deck has not been warmed up yet. These decks are generally pre-stacked and would be used either before or after the deal. In certain cases, this method would require two or three players in a team. The skill here is to convince the players at the table that the cards have been legitimately shuffled and to ensure that the opponents also get good hands so that they are encouraged to bet while they have stronger hands.

The methods listed above require a kind of skill and precision to be perfected, thus they are known as skilled cheating methods.

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