Methods of Cheating Internet Poker

Online poker is a huge trend since most people prefer to play from the comfort of their house rather than go to a real casino. In poker, there is a dozen different ways in which players cheat. In spite of the fact, the rules and the situation in online poker are different but players still cheat.


One of the most common methods of casino cheating at online poker is collusion . Players often engage in text messages and phone calls to discuss their cards since in online poker nobody would be able to see them or know what they are doing. Many players also use two or three different computers to play simultaneously different hands under different names.

These tricks are very widely used by players of online poker since they are easy and hard to detect. These techniques give them an advantage against the other players. However, online poker sites do keep record of every single hand which is being played and there are some methods in which it can be detected.

Cheating programs

There are not many ways in which players can cheat in online poker since there are no actual cards, chips or even physical opponents. However, there are still some ways for players to cheat. Many players often use bots to cheat. These are actually programs which play the hands instead of a real player. They are very accurate and they can often help players to win a lot of money. However, they are illegal and using them is considered to be cheating.


Datamining is the process of collecting the history of hands through software which can then be used by players for their advantage. In online poker, two or three players would agree to share their histories and then they use it to analyze their hands. A player can analyze his own hands but analyzing someone else's hands is against the rules of most online poker sites.


Several times, a player creates multiple accounts on his name or sometimes on friends` names and family members` names who do not play poker. This method of cheating is known as "multiaccounting". This method is also quite common in online poker and is often used by players to take advantage of the online scenario. This is mainly done in order to get maximum equity during tournaments or to allow chip dumping. In many cases, very popular poker players create a false name which is used by them further at tournaments, so that they can hide their true identity. One example of this is Zee Justin, who had been banned for some time by Pokerstars for creating multiple accounts.

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Returning to the main topic to which our site is devoted, it is very hard to cheat an online gambling site but today`s IT geniuses make everything possible.
as a rule they write different cheating programs (that is illegal) and try to trick the system.


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