Native American gaming

Since long ago Native Americans had been encroached on their rights. For a quite long time they couldn’t enjoy equal opportunities, nor enjoy privileges as most citizens could. That fact involved almost all spheres of live including entertainment. But, as time went by they started to enjoy full rights on an equal footing with everybody and be engaged in business.

In 1988 Ronald Wilson Reagan signed the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA) which ensured the right of Indian tribes to open casinos. Since then there is a quite ironical fact that playing in a land based or online casino owned by Indians a paleface return the debts to Native Americans.

Native American gaming enterprises (kind of American casinos) are gaming businesses located in the U.S. Indian reservations.

There are 550 officially recognized Indian tribes in the U.S, but not all of them own a reservation. Some have a few, some have not at all. Therefore, U.S. numbers nearly 300 reservations in total and only selected 220 federally-recognized tribes offer all three gaming classes.

There are 3 different classes Indian gaming is divided into. The first class includes traditional Indian ceremonial games. The second one is for traditional gambling games like slots games, bingo, poker, blackjack, etc. and lotteries. Both require no license. Profit got from them is at the disposal of the tribes. The third class has high-stake gambling games with high jackpots. Such establishments usually generate about $18,5 billion a year.

Due to the fact that reservations are treated by their individual legislation Indian casinos enjoy considerable tax benefits. Meanwhile, they are imposed on certain restrictions and deprived of various guarantees.

In many states Indian gaming establishments are among the largest employers and appear to be a solid source of funding for the treasury. At the same time improvement of the welfare of Indians leads to the fact that the government should incur lower expenses for unemployment benefits, welfare programs, burses, various benefits.

Many rich tribes organize welfare programs independently and make them available not only for Indians, but for all sections of the population.

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