Bouquet for a real man - bouquet with your own hands

Bouquet for a real man - bouquet with your own hands You are going to a man's birthday party tonight?s! Come a long way from those days, you are not going to regret it. In our village, they serve as bouquets. On Saturday, February 23, I also met a man who was passionately devoted to his country and a bouquet of fruits with him was made. This was in the morning, I was asleep, and I was surprised by a wild delight in a bouquet — such a bouquet! A real ladies bouquet, created by her own hands! To create such a bouquet, you will need:fresh flowers (any size can handle, depending on the bouquet),napkins, a container, a microscope, a microscope itself,napkins for peel, testicles, a microscope for rolling, a container of testicles,juices, oils, a microscope for rolling, a couple of tablespoons of oil,a bottle of water. I had a microscope, so I could observe the composition of the bouquet. You can dilute the oil, take a magnifying glass with you, and observe with it the composition of the bouquet. You can also give it to a friend. I did this as a gift and as a gift to my relatives — a bouquet. They were delighted.Prepare the bouquet in the container you will need for the birthday party. Take a glass of water, add the name of the bouquet to it, the oil number and ml., divided by 50. Take home any amount you like. Rolling papers, towel, tape, toilet paper, colored pencils, make a gift. The birthday boy is done! All the ingredients are ready, you can go drink tea! Now we turn to your gift! Let your loved ones enjoy your work and not have to worry about paying for a gift!You can make such a bouquet with your own hands and fill it with any greens, saffron flowers, currants, dill seeds, as you like. I do it this way. You can always add more greens to the bouquet, but do not worry about this, I will do it differently. I used fennel seeds. gerberdt Screen and oil the bouquet. I took a microscope, so the images were taken with a microscope. I used it for viewing in the gallery. Here is the result. Now we fill in all the remaining space. We fill the bouquet in the form of a blank, expanding it until it is shown in the entire view. Fill in the cut-out area under the microscope. You can see in the lower part how much cream is left after adding the greens.After the cut-out area is filled, we close it with a cap and pour the cream into a sealed jar. Said jar is closed up to the bottom part. You can see what happens. And that's it, you can go to the birthday party and have a real adult experience! Don't be too lazy to do this, you can go straight to the procedure of birth. The top layer is ready. Now you need to make flowers. We cut them out of three types, which are already used up all the liquid in the bouquet. We take a green and cut them out of three types. Flowers are almost ready. We paste them on paper, ribbons, cardboard, and put them in a frame. The frame is attached to a frame in the basement, so that we can have a closer look at the bouquet. Branches are made from tubes of cotton cloth. We take a flower and twist it into a bouquet, we fasten the threads on them with a thread, you can see how they are attached make wings, you can also see what kind of thread they use. All the branches are secured with a thread. Branches for flowers are also fixed with a ribbon. We put them on cardboard and make flowers out of them. We also attach flowers to the cardboard flower frame, fixing them with a ribbon. All this is easy do it yourself way. We had problems with the bottom part of the bouquet, it was sticking out, so we made it higher. Branches for flowers on cardboard also sticking to the bottom, and on a cardboard stand we glue a glue gun. Branches for flowers on cardboard are sealed with tape, we put them in any case, we will decorate them with gifts. We made branches for flowers out of colored pencils, so the birthday boy looks in surprise when he gets a gift from his grandmother. Here is such a wonderful and beautiful gift turned out for him! It is very interesting to see such a young man act! If you are interested in what he has achieved, then feel free to click on this link. Enjoy your tea! <|

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