The Basic Precautions Of Casino

Betfair Promo Codes only provides one address and phone account, which means that players can only have an account in an online casino. When a player has no way to open two or more accounts at the same online casino, the casinoa will compare the personal information of the credit card holder or online payment account holder when receiving the bonus.

To receive the Withdraw Policy, the following payment methods have Chinese version of the website: different payment methods have different time speed.

In general, credit card account bonus player bonus remitted to credit card in 3-4 days, Click2pay and Neteller time is 24-48 hours, Moneybooker For 2-3 days. In the receipt of the bonus will require e-mail documents or hydropower telephone billing address page scan photo, in order to confirm the receipt of bonus player address purposes. The use of credit card players receive a bonus will require e-mail scanning credit card is the back of the copy, to confirm the cardholder is not stolen brush online casino spending. When scanning the back of the credit card remember to put the back of the security code (three yards) posted up and then scan to protect their credit card rights

Remember to contact online customer service staff before receiving a bonus or deposit amount, which speeds up the distribution of bonuses and bonuses.