Roulette Cheating at Online Casinos

The most wide-spread cheating

Over the years a lot of sophisticated players have tried to cheat at roulette to make money rather than trying their luck and playing according to the rules of the game. Like in many other casino games, players have tried different methods of casino cheating , some of them has succeeded and there were many that appeared to be unsuccessful.

Cheating from both sides

In the history of casinos, there were not only players who tried different casino cheating methods at a game but also many casinos that tried to cheat and make the game go in their favor. However, due to the strict rules and regulations for the online casinos and real casinos, this has become very uncommon now.

A primary roulette

In Nevada, before gambling had been legalized by the government, playing roulette on a wheel was very extended. After 1931, once gambling had been legalized, plenty of rules were introduced. The authorities even used to test the equipment and seize them along with their licenses if there was any cheating in place. However, before that casinos had very commonly used rigged wheels so that they could get an advantage over the players.

The magnets and old-fashioned gadgets

Another common way of cheating was holded with a help of magnets. Magnets were used along with a ball which had a steel center. Cheaters also use the magnets whenever they wished so that the ball finish on a certain number or a sector in a way that it is beneficial for the casino.

Players cheated at roulette inl different ways for ages. In the past players often used to try to place the bets after the ball had landed in the pocket. Before the winning number is announced, the player would declare his bet. Many players even used to grab their bets if they were losing or sometimes place additional bet on the table if they got a chance. However, this is not possible today since the casinos have floor personnel as well as advanced technology to keep track of people.

Many players even try to tamper the roulette wheels in a desperate attempt to rig it for using it at their advantage. Several methods have been used by players to do this like using glue on the pockets to be able to get the ball in that pocket. Players even tried to tamper the mechanism of the wheel in such a way that it would work in their favor.

Many different methods have been used by both casinos as well as players to cheat at roulette. However, due to the strict laws of the casinos and the government this has become a thing of the past now.


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