Poker Cheating Methods

Cheating in poker is not a new phenomenon. Due to the popularity of this game and because of the fact that winning in poker is not entirely dependent on luck but on skill, there are many different ways in which players cheat at poker. Since decades players have been inventing new methods and tricks with which they can earn money without having to win at the game using their skills.

Methods of cheating at poker:

Angle shooting

Angle shooting is a method of cheating at casinos, used by players since decades. It is basically a type of advantage playing technique which is used in many different types of casino games but is more commonly seen in poker.

Online poker cheating methods

While cheating at poker is very common, online poker is a different thing altogether. Since there is no real card room or casino and no physical opponents the way online poker is played and the way players cheat is totally different.


Collusion is a strategy used by many players for cheating at casinos. Under this strategy, two or more players would get together and join hands to act on a common strategy which would give them an advantage over others.

Card marking

One of the most widely used methods of cheating in casinos, and especially in poker is by marking cards. Players mark the cards in the deck so that they can later recognize them and take action accordingly.


Skilled cheating methods

Skilled cheating methods are those methods of cheating for which some type of skills would be required. In many cases, players can cheat in easy ways without having to make use of any skills. However, in skilled techniques a certain amount of know how is required.

Second dealing

Second dealing is a way of cheating at casino games by manipulating a card deck. In this method, the cheater would deal the card which is the second from the top and the one on the top of the card. This is also very widely used in magic card tricks.


Muck has several different meanings. Mucking is also a form of cheating at card games, especially in poker where a player would conceal a card and remove it for using it at a later stage for his benefit.


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