Methods Of Slot Cheating

Intricate problem

In contrast to poker and blackjack, it is uncommon to hear about cheat and fraud at slot machines. However, over the years there have been many players who have cheated at slot machines using many kinds of innovative methods. Casinos owners in their turn have developed various advanced methods which help to prevent casino cheating .

Initial slot cheating

When mechanical slot machines had been used at casinos, there were many simple ways for players to cheat on casinos and win more than they actually deserved. Every type of device and item had been used in order to cheat the casino.

One of the most famous devices that had been used to cheat at slot machine had been known as Monkey’s Paw which had been made by Tommy Glenn Carmichael who had later spent many years in prison.

The monkey’s paw

Even coat hangers bent in different ways, coins attached to strings and other similar methods had been used at slot machines. The monkey’s paw is a quite simple device. It was just a piece of steel which was bent in the shape of a claw. This had been inserted in the payout chute of the machine till a noise had been heard at the steel door. At this point the player would have reached the mechanism of the machine for coin counter where the device would interfere with the mechanism which would make it give out more coins and payout.

Shaved coins

Another popular method of cheating was shaved coins. These had been just simple coins which had been slightly altered in such a way that they would pass through the machine which would allow the player several games just on one coin. Plugs are simple coins attached to strings which had been used widely in the past. The plug is lowered in the machine to activate it and then it simply had to be pulled out so that the player can use it again and again.

Advanced methods

However, none of these tactics would work at casinos today since the slot machines are much more advanced. Several advanced methods have been used in the recent times like small light boxes and other devices which emit light beams. These are placed close to the light sensor of the machine which would make the machine lose track of the payout process which is required by the casinos.

Today the only way a player can cheat at slot machines is if he/she knows the mechanism or a manufacturer of slot machines or a computer engineer who could probably manipulate and program the slot machine to give out higher payouts.


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