Cake for your favorite man

Cake for your favorite man Super chocolate cake that you can prepare for the holiday or as a gift to your relatives.This recipe I tried on am my cake and it was good. It turned out very tasty and easy.For the chocolate cake:In order not to grease the pan, you can use a thin layer of butter.Put the doughnut in the preheated oven for 15 minutes.It will begins place them in the cake, you can not close the edges, because the dough must be slightly spread.Then spread the crumbs on a baking sheet, spread with a thick chocolate syrup.The chocolate cake is ready.Ready for your loved ones and loved ones.It's time to call everyone to the table.Have a good holiday, dear ones!We wish you every success and joy to your loved ones from what you do with your own hands.If you liked it, please subscribe to my blog and we will do something else together.

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