Casino Cheating Electronic Aids

Players all around the world have invented many different casino cheating methods . While blackjack and poker remain to be the top games at casinos where players cheat, there are also plenty of other casino games for cheating.

Legal techniques of illegality

Cheating at casinos is considered to be illegal according to the law. However, there are many skilled techniques which are used by players widely and are considered to be legal. For example, card counting in blackjack is known to be a skill and is legal.

Though the casinos all over the world try to do the best they can to keep card counters away from their casinos, the truth is that when card counting is done solely with one’s mind it is completely legal.


However, using any type of electronic device or contraption at casinos with the hope of winning money at the tables is considered to be illegal. Before the strict rules and regulations had been introduced by the government, there were many cases when players tried to use various electronic equipments and gadgets to win money at casinos in an illegal manner.

For example, recently in a court case when a player had been caught trying to use an iPhone for card counting in casino, it had been ruled by the judge that using iPhone or any other gadget for card counting is illegal.

Players also use mini computers for cheating at casinos. Some players even invented their own gadgets which they had specially designed to allow them to win at games. Using gadgets for cheating is usually common in slot cheating and in roulette cheating . The famous monkey paw, though it was not really electronic, had been designed to cheat at slot machines. When the slot machines became high technology electrical ones, some players had also invented special gadgets which emitted special light beams. These contraptions were placed close to the slot machine and managed to confuse the slot machines which in turn gave out large sums of money to players who had not won them.

Apart from this, various players even use different gadgets to manipulate the wheel and the ball in roulette to make it work according to their advantage. Since the rules have become strict in the recent times, it is much difficult to do any of these stunts today at casinos and using electronic aids in cheating at casinos became quite uncommon.




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