Casino Cheating Combating

The response on cheating

Casinos have different measures for detecting cheaters for the purpose of catching them and not allowing them to play at their casino. Casinos monitor the behavior of different players and even keep records of suspicious players and records of cheaters that have cheated in the past.

The on floor personnel and the pit bosses of a casino are the ones who are responsible for spotting cheaters and for keeping an eye on their behavior.

There are also some dedicated staff members who take care of surveillance department and sometimes they even use video surveillance and other casino advanced cheating software to spot players who cheat at the game.

Urgent measures

Several casinos teach their dealers methods in which they can recognize players who are cheating along with different standard procedures like storing the cards, shuffling the decks etc. Many casinos today even use special agencies who specialize in catching casino cheaters. In certain cases, the casinos even share their database of past cheaters with other casinos so that they can keep an eye open in case the same person is cheating in different casinos.

Different ways of cheating

At casinos, there are several different ways for players to cheat at the game. Some use methods which are definitely considered to be illegal while there are other ways of getting an advantage at the game by using special skills. An example of this is card counting in blackjack. While card counting is not taken lightly in casinos even today, it is not illegal at all if it is not done with any outside help. Using skills to get advantage in casino games is not considered to be illegal, but it is nevertheless not taken lightly by casinos.

In case of cheating, casinos can ban any player from entering their casino. Casinos even file complaints with the Gaming Board or the right authorities if they catch any player cheating during the game. Since players have been inventing new casino cheating methods , the casinos try to keep up with them by using different methods of detecting casino cheaters.

Apart from having dedicated personnel for detecting cheaters, casinos today also have video cameras all around the casinos so that they can know what is going on in all parts of the casino. Several casinos even make use of advanced facial recognition devices and many other types of software to be able to spot a cheating player.

There are even various devices which are designed especially for casinos so that they can keep track of players and catch any suspicious moves.


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