Baccarat Cheating

General information

Baccarat is a card game which gained much popularity in the past few years. Unlike poker and blackjack, there are not many ways to cheat in baccarat. However, players have still tried to cheat the casinos by using different casino cheating methods.

The common method of baccarat cheating

There has to be more than one player in baccarat for the successful casino cheating. Usually cheating takes place in small card clubs and casinos where the players have an opportunity to mess with the cards when the dealers are not attentive and there are no video surveillance systems.

Cheaters frequently use a pre-arranged deck of cards with some sort of identification and introduce them in the game while nobody can notice. The dealer who would be unaware of the cheat would then take those cards and deal with them as it was intended by the cheater. By doing so, the player get the cards he wished and play his hand accordingly.

Online baccarat cheating

People now play baccarat online from their houses and even at online baccarat there are plenty of ways to cheat by forming groups with other players at the table and indicating their cards value to each other etc. However, before online baccarat had been introduced there had been a very famous cheating episode in baccarat which involved a man named Richard Marcus.

Baccarat cheaters

Richard Marcus had met Joe Collason who had been cheating at the game for more than twenty years. Joe had needed a dealer who would be able to cheat and Richard agreed to do it. They formed an alliance and tried to cheat a casino by using a method. Richard had then come up with a very unique way of cheating the casino which would not be easy to detect. He realized that the dealer could set up six different winning hands for a player at once while he shuffled the cards. Richard worked as a dealer and used this technique so that his group members would then play at the table and would be able to win money.

The group members placed large bets of $2,000 and the end of it they managed to win $84,000 from the casino by cheating. Other than such methods, in recent times players resort to more milder ways of cheating like marking the cards in luminous inks or special juice so that it would not be visible to everyone else but them.

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