All about Casino Cheating and Casino Cheaters

In casinos, cheating refers to any type of action which is prohibited according to the rules of the casino. Cheating at games in casinos in any form is illegal. However, the nature of sanctions and punishments depends mainly on the jurisdiction where the casino is located. For example, in Nevada cheating at casino games is considered to be a felony.

Similarly, in greater part of other jurisdictions some specific rules do exist but cheating is considered to be a fraud and deal with accordingly by the right authorities. In every country, the rules dictating cheating in casinos differ so the punishments for it also diverse.

Advantage playing techniques

However, advantage playing techniques are not considered to be cheating if it holds without using outside help or with any type of electronic gadgets. One of the most famous examples of this is card counting method in blackjack cheating . Card counting provides an advantage to the player; it is a strategy which can be used in blackjack and sometimes even in other games. Card counting is not illegal if it is done solely in the mind without any outside help. However, casinos do not take card counters lightly. In certain jurisdictions, like in Nevada, the casinos are even allowed to ban card counters or any other types of advantage players.

Gadgets for cheating

Since decades, players have used different casino cheating methods in card games. The methods are usually specific to particular games. Players often mark cards during games, especially in poker. Players place an unrecognizable mark on the back of the cards so that they can identify them later during the game. There are even some markings which cannot be detected with naked eyes, only through special lenses.

Many players even use electronic gadgets for cheating at games in casinos. Using any type of device or electronic gadgets for cheating in casinos is definitely illegal. However, there are several gadgets which are quite small and can be hidden easily which are used by players often to cheat at games. Sometimes this feature makes it very difficult for the casino staff to identify players using such gadgets to get an advantage in games.

Casinos take measures

Casinos all over the world today use various methods for combating cheating. There are many standard ways in which they keep track of players who seem suspicious, the decks that they use, the way they deal cards and the way the store them which ensure that cheating is minimized.

Casinos have a large number of recorders and cameras at all locations through the casino through which they can keep an eye on players. Some even use facial recognition software to detect previously known card cheaters and players if they enter the casino again.

However, there have been plenty of very well known casino cheaters through the history which have made themselves infamous for the unique ways in which they cheated at casino games.

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