Cake for your favorite man

Cake for your favorite man Super chocolate cake that will please, I think, any man, because they all have a sweet tooth. This cake, in my opinion, turned out very chocolate, so dark, brutal, masculine :)) You will need the following:carigol, sugar, vanilla, sesame oil, milk, peanuts, corn, duck egg, flour, salt and yeast.Mix everything in a separate bowl and mix.Put in the refrigerator for 2-2. 30 hours.So that it is not thick, we put the cake in the refrigerator for another hour.Until the cake cools down and the skin is soft. That's it, delicious! You can make cakes with your own hands for men of any age, if you like. I suggest that the child bake, because it is very interesting and not complicated. I will definitely tell you more about the recipe in the next post.If you liked it, please subscribe to my blog and I will do something else with you.

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